Borneo short tail pythons (Python breitensteini) are native to the island of Borneo. They thrive in hot (80-95F) and humid (approx. 70%) environments. Borneo short tail pythons attain lengths of approximately 6 feet for females and approximately 4 feet for males. They also attain great girths and can weigh upwards of 30 pounds. This makes them one of the largest species of snakes to fall within most bylaw restrictions. Another unique feature of Borneo and blood pythons is their ability to swivel their eyes. They can live up to 25 years.

We've used many different substrates with ours but find coco coir or newspaper work best. Ours are misted every morning and allowed to dry throughout the day. The substrate should be slightly damp but never completely wet or skin problems may develop. 

Borneo short tail pythons will eat rodents their entire lives. Hatchlings usually take live mice or weaned rats as their first meal but are easy to switch to frozen thawed. We feed our babies once a week for the first year. As they grow, we offer larger rodents but feed less often, usually every 10 to 14 days. Our adults eat anything from rats to rabbits to piglets and are fed every 14 to 21 days, depending on size of prey. Borneo short tail pythons have very slow metabolisms and can become obese if overfed. But their slow metabolisms also mean that they may only defecate a few times a year, which is nice!

Smaller individuals can be kept in racks but we recommend giving adults at least 8 square feet of floor space. 2 feet x 4 feet PVC enclosures work well. Of course, more space is always better. 

Unfortunately, Borneo short tail pythons, AKA Borneo blood pythons have a bad reputation for being aggressive. Although hatchlings may be a little nippy at first, we find they tame quickly with regular handling. We handle our babies daily and all are very tame. Our adults are very trusting, gentie giants that never show any signs of aggression.



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Blood Pythons (Python brongersmai) are native to Thailand, Malaysia, Sumatra and surrounding islands. They have the same care requirements and are approximately the same size as Borneo short tail pythons. 

We're offering two T-positive albino, CB females, born September 2014. Father is an albino cherry bomb. SOLD.