Argentine Blue Tegus.  We've always loved blues but have never seen any in Canada. We imported some spectacular babies from a very reputable breeder in the US! Please contact us for more information.

Jeweled Lacertas (Lacerta lepida), also known as Eyed Lacertas or Ocelated Lizards, are native to Portugal, Spain, Southern France and Italy. They can reach over 2' in length and weigh over 100 gms.

We are very fortunate to have obtained Bert Langerwerf's bloodline which are considered to be true melanistic and will stay solid black their entire lifetime. In comparison, the Euro melanistic line looks like a faded normal animal. Unfortunately, after Bert passed away lots of his animals seemed to disappear along with him. This really hurt the lacerta hobby as lacertas became a lot harder to find and his melanistic bloodline became even more rare. We feel jeweled lacerta's are vastly underrated; they are quite manageable, have ferocious appetites and with their beauty make excellent display animals.

Diet-wise, we offer a variety of insects, fruit (they love watermelon and banana but we've tried lots of fruit we feed the tortoises like plums and apples -  they really go for juicy ones), the odd pinkie mouse and lastly Pangea Gecko Diet. Insects make up most their diet but we feel variety is key, not only with our lacertas but with all our animals.

We supplement using calcium with d3, vitamins, Miner-all and cod liver oil. We don't dust every feeding but use the same bins to tong feed from so there is always a little residue on each feeding. We simply rotate through different food items as nothing is set in stone except the oil biweekly, where we dip the insects into the oil and offer them to the lizards.

Our babies were born between Dec 31st and Jan 1st, 2015. The black ones are melanistic and the brown (green) are hets.

Melanistic $200. Hets $100.