Here are some comments from a few of our satisfied customers.


AAA+ Very knowledgeable and passionate breeders. Jeremy was a joy to deal with and full of breed info . Another bonus is that I received a healthy well cared for baby Borneo short tail python. If I add to my collection, they will be first on my contact list.

Andre - Toronto, ON


A+ - Ordered and received a healthy baby leopard tortoise from Jeremy. The tortoise is in great condition, never had an issue. Jeremy was great at communication and answering any and all concerns I had along the way. He has continued to maintain contact afterwards to insure my leopard tortoise is still thriving. Great pleasure to deal with, and would consider him as my first choice for my next tortoise purchase.

Natalie - Courtenay, BC


Picked up an awesome pair of short tailed pythons, colors are stunning, nice and docile, great experience. Thanks Jeremy.

Less - Montreal, QC


I purchased a baby leopard tortoise from C and C Tortoises. The baby is healthy and I had a really positive experience with Jeremy. He took the time to answer all my questions. I would not hesitate to buy from him again.

Clement - Gatineau, QC


Thank you so much for the most wonderful star tortoise! Mike made the entire process of shipping him so easy and took care of everything. He was packed very safely and didn't seem very stressed from his trip across Canada! I will certainly recommend purchasing from you.

Jessica - Ottawa, ON


I received a very well cared for baby leopard tortoise about ten days ago from Jeremy. The baby is very healthy and active. Jeremy is patient and answers all my questions in a professional manner. I would recommend anyone who is interested to get a tortoise or any reptiles from Jeremy! 

Yitong - Sasktatoon, SK


Jeremy is very thorough and a pleasure to deal with. He has remained in touch to provide quick advice for the tortoise I purchased from him. Ensures his reptiles go to good homes. Tortoise is very healthy. Thanks!

Angie - Ottawa, ON


Great seller! Amazing torts and really good guys to deal with. Always wanting to make another purchase.

Mel - Edmonton, AB


I did a transaction with Jeremy for a trio of Borneo short-tailed pythons recently, and I could not be happier with the result. It started back in the summer when I threw a deposit down on 2 yearling female Borneos he had. I wanted a trio, and he let me know that he had eggs cooking and would be happy to supply me a male from the clutch. He held the yearling females with a deposit, kept them fed and healthy, and even went out of his way to make sure my new male was feeding on F/T prey before sending me the trio. I would say he definitely went above and beyond, the shipping was perfect, and the quality of the animals I received is absolutely top notch. It's this kind of professionalism that you always hope for when making a deal with someone, and I will gladly deal with Jeremy again in the future.

Ken - Calgary, AB


As a veterinarian who works with reptiles I do not give out my recommendation lightly, but I wholeheartedly recommend C and C Tortoises.  I have one of their tortoises and I have had the honor to have had Mike be a client of mine for the last 5 years. I so often deal with juvenile tortoises with chronic URI, heavy parasite load and a host of other issues, and yet my juvenile leopard tortoise has been completely problem-free.

Dr Adrian Walton DMV, Dewdney Animal Hospital
11965 - 228th St
Maple Ridge, BC
V2X 6M1
604-467-1161, f 604-467-7219


I'd like to submit a testimonial regarding Louise and her tortoises in Manitoba.  
To begin with, it is very hard to find exotic reptiles in Canada, especially Saskatchewan. So when my husband and I decided to add a Russian tortoise to our collection of reptiles and other exotics, it was close to impossible to find a source. After a lot of hunting, we stumbled across Louise through an ad on Kijiji. She had one available Russian tortoise left who was somewhat of a runt. Louise had spend countless hours dedicated to this little tortoise's health and did not let him go to a new home until she was sure that he was ready and could handle it. Louise is a very dedicated, experienced tortoise breeder with a huge heart, who thankfully, was willing to work with us on getting this little tortoise baby to our home in rural Saskatchewan, from Manitoba. She was very helpful with advice and ideas, and she was readily available to chat whenever I felt like I needed to seek knowledgable information. Now, after much anticipation, our young Russian tortoise is finally home and is spoiled as a member of our family. He is healthy, alert and eating very well. I couldn't be happier with the outcome, and it is all thanks to Louise and her efforts! I would highly recomend anyone seeking healthy, happy tortoises to contact Louise. She is trustworthy, flexible, knowledgable and easy to talk to. Her tortoises are high quality and cared for with the highest of adoration. I want to thank you, Louise for all that you have done for us, and for the new addition to our family. You are truly a gifted woman and I admire you. A million thanks!

Janelle - Eston, SK


A+ breeder to deal with! 100% recommended!  Jeremy brought me a Borneo short tail from Ottawa to Toronto. Super healthy snake, kept in contact for more than two weeks, asking about the snake's well-being. Also, great price for the snake. No complaints whatsoever! Thanks Jeremy!

Roberto - Toronto, ON


It was a pleasure ordering the tortoise from you. He is a very nice individual who will be an amazing addition to our tractable animal program. He was shipped professionally and arrived safe and sound. He passed quarantine with flying colours. We also appreciate the fact that you are a tortoise breeder, decreasing the demand for wild caught tortoises. We would definitely use you in the future if looking to acquire more Indian star tortoises or other hard to acquire tortoises. 

Wayne Woods,  Edmonton Valley Zoo -  Edmonton, AB


I would like to thank Jeremy and Mike of C and C Tortoises for my newest reptiles. I purchased a pair of Borneo short tail pythons and I am so happy with my decision to buy from C and C. They are healthy and active and the shipping was perfect. I am sure I will buy more from C and C in the future. Thanks!

David Spiers, DNL Reptiles/Royal City Reptiles - Victoria, BC


Absolutely amazing! I'm ordering a tort from these guys this week and I could not be happier. I've asked so many questions and I always get a very helpful and friendly response, so quick it's unbelievable. I would recommend these guys to everyone! I'll be back very soon to get another one of your gorgeous torts. Couldn't ask for a friendlier group. :)

Brody (first time tort buyer) - Sherwood Park, AB 


A+! My experience with  Mike C and Mike P was absolutely fabulous – both are extremely knowledgeable, communicable, and genuinely kind. The leopard tortoise hatchling I purchased is beautiful and healthy. I certainly predict another purchase from this wonderful team in my future! All the best. 

Amy - Calgary, AB


I just got my little girl, Shelley a few days ago from these two and they've been nothing but amazingly helpful and kind throughout the whole process. Mike and Jenn are absolutely amazing and they do great work, they have answered all my questions and concerns. When I picked Shelley up at the airport, the box she was in was clearly made with care so she would be as comfy and safe as possible for the trip. I would recommend them to absolutely anyone, they both work so hard to keep these torts happy and healthy. I've had no issues whatsoever dealing with them and honestly, if you want a tort that's happy and healthy then these two are the ones you want to talk to. Even after getting Shelley, Mike and Jenn are still incredibly helpful at answering any questions I have and they stay in contact to ensure all is well with you and your tort.

Thanks so much you guys! Shelley and I are grateful for everything!

Brody - Sherwood Park, AB


We couldn’t be any happier with our choice and we’re so glad we got it from C and C Tortoises. Mike has been very knowledgeable and helpful throughout the entire process. Making a purchase online from a person you’ve never met or talked to can make you very nervous but I have to say this was the best experience I’ve ever had purchasing a reptile. I would highly recommend C and C tortoises for anyone looking for a quality, reputable breeder. 

Thanks again Mike, and C and C Tortoises for all your help. We are already thinking about getting another one. 

Chris, Courtney & Crunch - Calgary, AB

I just received my gorgeous baby cherry head red foot tortoise from Louise. I am so excited to have such a unique looking little one, with some beautiful markings on her scutes. Everyone I have dealt with at C and C Tortoises has been knowledgeable and professional. Mike answered all my emails efficiently and went out of his way to make sure to find me a little cherry head from one of the C and C breeders. Louise made sure my little one was sent safely from back east to Vancouver Island, and helped me every step of the way.

When I put it out there that I was looking for a tort on the BC Reptile Club, C and C was recommended by a veterinarian on the Mainland, who had also purchased a tort from them….it doesn’t get any better than that! It is also a relief to know that their continued offer of support, should I ever need anything, will always be available.

Sincere thanks to Mike and Louise!

Linda - Lake Cowichan, B.C.


C and C Tortoises is very good.  I got my baby leopard tortoise from them. The little guy is very healthy and happy. Thanks C and C Tortoises!

Benjamin - Toronto, ON


I am so overly impressed with the service and quality. This is my first little beauty of a red foot tortoise. This little guy is active, healthy and responsive to human contact and it's all due to the work of Mike Perdue. Thank you Mike. You have been and still remain very helpful. I can see purchasing again in the future.

Tara - Toronto, ON

As someone who has worked in the pet world for many years,  I have had plenty of experience with pet breeders and keepers. From the first minute I started rapid-firing questions off to Mike about what species of tortoise my family and I might be looking to aquire, Mike was incredibly patient, kind and professional.  He followed through on all our e-mail and phone communications in a very pleasant and non-judgmental way. 

When our red foot finally arrived from C and C, we were over the moon! Our little Akupara is beautiful, healthy and bright-eyed, and we couldn't be happier. And Mike has still been ever-so patiently helping us through our rookie phase.

I would recommend C and C in a heartbeat to anyone who is not only looking for a quality tortoise, but also friendly, quality service. 

Melissa Rakauskas - Ottawa, ON


I've had a tremendous experience and I'm glad I bought this beautiful baby from you, Louise! Thank you very much for handing me this soul.

Prakriti Sharma - Toronto, ON 


When my husband wanted to get a pet tortoise I was skeptical, to say the least. But he wore me down and I'm so glad he did. Our Russian tortoise, Barnaby, is an awesome pet. He requires very little work and has much more of a personality than I would have thought. Louise shipped him to us when he was a month old and still really little, but his appetite is definitely growing. He loves kale and dandelion especially. Louise sent us cactus for Barnaby to eat, food pellets, nutrition powder, calcium powder, etc. Louise and the group are wonderful to deal with...very informative, helpful and extremely accommodating, even months after the adoption. We couldn't be happier or more pleased!

Allison, Garett & Barnaby - Toronto, ON


I just want to share my experience with C and C Tortoises. I am awestruck by the dedication they put in, whether it be answering my millions of questions to reassuring my wildest fears or helping me to select the perfect tortoise to join our family. I can't wait to work with them again!

Me'Lisa - Vernon, BC


I bought a Russian tortoise from C and C Tortoises and the experience was amazing. Jeremy provided answers for all my questions and was kind enough to check in once in a while after I started caring for the baby tortoise to see how things are going. This just shows the amount of care they put into their children! And of course, the tortoise is very healthy and active. Thank you so much!

Kelvin - Burnaby, BC


My girlfriend and I purchased a baby red foot tortoise from C and C Tortoises and were extremely pleased with the service.  Mike C was very prompt at responding to any questions to help us get the enclosure set up effectively prior. We met with Mike P to purchase the tortoise and he continued with the help by walking us through his routine, introducing us to a few very cool species and was very engaging while doing so.  

Overall, we are very happy. When the addiction sets in and encourages us to purchase more, we will be staying with C and C for help and quality since they went above and beyond. 10/10

Jeffrey - Niagara on the Lake, ON

Many thanks to C and C Tortoises, especially to Mike, for bringing us a lovely family member!  Our baby leopard tortoise DonDon is now eating very well.
Be patient when you are waiting for your baby tortoise because C and C will make sure your baby is healthy and ready to home before giving it to you!
Thanks again!

Dante - Toronto, ON

This is Cherry! She is the sweetest little tortoise I've ever seen and owned and is a little piggy! If you're ever looking to get a tortoise, C and C Tortoises is the place to go! Mike Chan was great to work with and helped me out with getting everything ready for her.  

Darius Prasad - Westbank, BC


I highly recommend C and C Tortoises! Mike and Jeremy were amazing to deal with. They answered any and all questions I had/have. You can tell they are committed to the health and success of their babies and are very passionate and dedicated in helping their customers find the perfect fit for their family. I recieved my baby in perfect packaging. "Tertle" the baby Russian is very active and inquisitive. Eats great and has been such a fun pet that I will enjoy having for many years to come, thanks to C and C.  

Joanna Smith - North Vancouver, BC

I would like to thank C and C Tortoises for my gorgeous baby red foot tortoise. She's more then I had hoped for and the staff at C and C are so helpful and knowledgeable.  I'd definitely deal with them in the future and recommend them!  

Christa Mcinnis - Campbell River, BC

My fiancé had a great Easter gift idea for me and that was to get me a hairless pet. He heard about C and C Tortoises through a local pet store, which is amazing because we are at the other end of the province from them. We were dealing with Mike and Louise and we couldn't have been more happy!  I am in love with my tortoise Freckles. He was so well cared for by both Louise and Mike. I highly recommend anyone looking for a tortoise to go through these people!  They are awesome at what they do and they are super helpful!  

Ashely Silva - Fraser Lake, BC 

From torts to tegus....Mike Chan! I've met few people in the keeping of these magnificent animals that show even a tenth of the care he does. While his love of the torts is undeniable, Mike's talents in husbandry, an incredibly varied diet and general care of his tegus is impressive to say the least. The two pairs of tegus that have come into my keeping are exceptional in every way. Temperament, colour, appetite and even arrived with a full nail trimming! I am, and forever will be a C and C customer. I've been a large lizard keeper for years and have never even considered keeping torts but Mike is just that passionate and knowledgeable about the animals he tends, you can't help but catch "the bug." In a hobby that sees a lot of a "I know better than you" mentality, Mike educates and offers advice in a way that makes even the highly experienced take a pause. Well done to everyone at C and C. Can't wait to see what comes on the horizon!

Justin Vezina - Winnipeg, Manitoba

I think the below picture says it all about my good fortune in finding such a healthy baby from reputable breeders who take pride in their reptiles!  "Tori", my new cherry head tortoise had only been in her new habitat 10 minutes or so, before she was already munching down on her lunch and exploring her new habitat.
Thank you to Mike P. and Mike C. for all your guidance, patience and wealth of knowledge.  You helped welcoming my first tortoise into my home an amazing experience!  

Shelley St John - St. Catharines, ON

Dealing with C and C Tortoises has been nothing but a pleasure. A breeder myself, I would not hesitate to recommend C and C to anyone. Jeremy was extremely thorough in explaining the necessary requirements, including set- up scenarios best suited to the tortoises' needs that I purchased. I was highly impressed with the time he took to explain everything to me. Lastly, I love these guys so much I decided to purchase a third from C and C. They were extremely humanized as soon as I got them and that only comes from a lot of extra care and attention given from the get go, especially for a shy species like pancakes. They ate from my hand within days of arrival. Keep up the amazing work, C and C!

Laura - Toronto, ON


Dealing with C and C Tortoises has been an overall stellar experience. Your torts are the healthiest I have ever come across in Canada. The customer experience was fantastic too. My family is very grateful for our little buddy, Beast. 

Erin Lowe - Gibsons, BC

Louise Bonser at C and C Tortoises was incredible from the first time I started talking to her about getting a tortoise, right up to the day I had two babies in my hands! She is very knowledgeable and was extremely helpful to me. I knew I wouldn’t be ready to have a new baby for a year. So she let me start sending her monthly payments, leading up to the date I was ready to adopt not one, but two beautiful babies. She has helped me out with resources when I’ve been stuck and I would recommend her if you are looking to add a new tortoise to your life. Her babies were incredibly healthy and have been a joy in our lives ever since. Thanks Louise for trusting me with your beautiful babies.

Elizabeth Blake - Calgary, AB

I got Squirt, the Russian tort, from Louise at C and C Tortoises. Louise has been a dream to deal with. From the first point I met her, Louise has been exceptional in ensuring I have all the tools to grant my little buddy a long and happy life! He now is spoiled in a 4x2 enclosure and is happy and healthy! He loves his greens of all sorts and especially hibiscus flowers. Thanks so much Louise for helping me with my many questions with my little buddy! I wouldn't know half of what I do today without you!

Kenzie Meger & Squirt- Regina, SK

Would like to say thank you to C and C Tortoises and especially Michael! I have been searching for a tortoise for a long time and then I found these guys. Michael answered all of my questions and helped me to get my cherry head tortoise delivered all the way to New Brunswick safely. Little Foot has been with us for 13 days and has settled into his new home very well. Thank you again for the best Christmas gift I could ask for!

Patty Joe - Dieppe, NB


Hello!  I would like to stop by & say a quick thank you!  I had my sweet baby Russian tortoise shipped out to me on Feb. 15 from Louise.  She was & still is great to deal with!  Thanks for everything.🙂 My baby arrived safely & is doing awesome!  We love the little one.  Keep up the great work!  Here is a picture of our baby Pebbles. 🙂

Denise & Pebbles - Stirling, AB

I purchased a baby Russian tortoise from C and C Tortoises last month and it was a really positive experience for me! Louise was extremely helpful answering all of my questions. My little guy was shipped safely and is doing well. I already want another, so when the time is right I know who I will be contacting. Thank you Louise!
Here is a picture of my little guy having a bath. His name is Kiefer.

Abbey & Kiefer - Calgary, AB


C and C Tortoises have been a terrific group of clients of ours for the past several years. They are extremely professional, courteous and very speedy with communication. We've had the pleasure of working with Mike P, Mike C and Jenn directly and the amount of care they put towards the animals and the shipping process is phenomenal. Thanks so much C and C, it's certainly always a pleasure working with you and keep up the great work! 

Reptile Express Inc. 

I would like to say how very grateful I am to C and C Tortoises for entrusting me with a gorgeous baby pancake! I ordered it last winter, then my house burned down before I could get it shipped. They were kind enough to look after it till fall so I could get a fifth wheel figured out to live in. They did an amazing job packing it safe with a source of heat . My little one showed up in top notch form. She is gorgeous, curious, always exploring and an eating machine. I can't thank C and C Tortoises enough. I would also like to thank them for all the help and advice they have given me even before I bought a tortoise from them. You go above and beyond, guys. Really looking forward to future babies from these top notch breeders who have become my friends. I would highly recommend them if you are looking for a tortoise.

Jamie Bell - Lake Cowichan, BC

I recently purchased a juvenile Russian and Hermann tortoise from Louise of C and C tortoises.  She was absolutely wonderful to work with, very flexible with payments and prompt with replies on any questions I had regarding the little ones.  Both arrived safe and sound, healthy and active.  Both of them have wonderful appetites and eagerly dive in to their dish at feeding time. I definitely recommend C and C for any first-time tortoise buyers out there. The customer service is wonderful and they're very informative and helpful!  

Tas Wenzoski - Golden, BC 

When I contacted C and C Tortoises I wanted to purchase a tortoise and had a bunch of questions. Louise was very helpful, explaining how to care for a tortoise, what I need to purchase for lighting etc. I got to see pictures of the babies and picked the one I wanted! The baby was shipped to Ontario with care and arrived healthy and strong. Adjusting well to the new environment and care taker. Louise is still available after the transaction to answer any little questions I have had and I greatly appreciate it! This is a wonderful and trustworthy company and I feel safe with my online purchase. Thank you for my wonderful baby tortoise!!

Suzanne - Toronto, ON

C and C Tortoises are exactly what you want from a hobby breeder - people who love and care for their animals! This was so obvious from the first contact, through the advice and even after we received our new Russian. Their animals thrive, they’re full of personality and the advice is priceless. They truly take all the guess work out of buying a tortoise.

Sean - Toronto, ON

I could not recommend C and C Tortoises enough! An absolutely amazing team of breeders who come together to bring some of the most amazing and well cared for species of tortoises. It has been a long time dream of mine to own a captive bred leopard tortoise. After years of waiting and researching, I asked to be put on a wait list at C and C. In March I finally got to bring my baby home! She is the most perfect and bright little baby. After one day she was running around investigating her new surroundings. Mike has answered every question to a T, and even taken the time to show me exactly what he does every step of the way. Dionysus and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Kathleen LeBleu - Victoria, BC

I just can't say enough good things about C and C Tortoises. The two little leopard tortoises we got from them are beautiful and healthy. Shipping went wonderfully well with excellent communication and organization. Mike and Jenn are so helpful with any questions and are prompt in reply. You can tell they are passionate and very knowledgeable about what they do. We would most definitely recommend them to anyone looking to add a tortoise to their family! We are so happy.

John & Christine Watson - Winnipeg, MB

I recently purchased a red foot tortoise from C and C Tortoises. I first heard about them on Facebook when I made a post looking for a pet tortoise (not really knowing which type I wanted or even how to care for them). Michael Perdue was recommended to me. When I learned which type of tortoises he had for sale I started my research and waited for the eggs to hatch.  From start to finish, I couldn't have asked for anything more. Michael was very helpful with information and tips on everything from housing and heating to feeding and all the fun things in between. I had so many questions for him and never once felt like I was bothering him with my concerns. He went above and beyond, sending pictures of the eggs, the babies right when they hatched and then a few more a couple weeks later. When the tortoise got here he was great, alert and ready to explore! Michael gave my 6 year old daughter some tips on how to handle the turtle and some fun things she can do with him when he's a little bigger. Overall, it was well worth the wait for him to hatch out. I would definitely recommend this company to anyone who is interested in getting a pet tortoise. 

Laura Evory - Niagara Falls, ON

So my husband and I started looking for a leopard tortoise about 3 years but we had decided we would research to find a breeder that would ensure animal safety and raising healthy animals was the top on the list. 
Me being the nerd I am, I would check everything out on each person/company and was finding that not only are leopard tortoises not the easiest to find, especially from reputable breeders, until my husband came across C and C Tortoises. What we realized in chatting with them was heartfelt in making sure healthy, happy animals within this group of breeders was top priority. So we put our names on the list. 
Now came the years of patience. But finally Mike and Jenn sent us the exciting email they had leopard tortoise babies. I was ecstatic! So of course I said absolutely. Mike then sent us info to setup the enclosure for the baby and then they asked if I wanted a second one. I was so excited!
Mike and Jenn have been incredible, helpful, and were wonderful guiding Scott and I through the whole process, giving us guidance, pointers and were just as excited with us. They were friendly and showed a real passion and love of the animal. I loved their fair way through the selection process and when I opened my FedEx box with my babies I was so excited! They even sent their shells they hatched from. It was so awesome!
My babies are so healthy and it is very apparent they have no fear of human touch. They seem to like it!
Mike & Jenn, I just want to say thank you so much! I’m excited that we will share the growth of Shaka and Nakia together!!!!

Karen & Scott Fletcher - Edmonton, AB

We are home. Everything looks good. The baby is moving.  I only wish I had the words to express gratitude and appreciation for all of your assistance in this matter. Thank you so much. I’m very excited to have a friend for life!
Thanks always.

Rob Riopel - Calgary, AB

I just want to tell you that you sell the absolute best tortoises ever! My little guy's doin great!

Adam Wormald - St. Catharines, ON

Mike and Jenn made the purchase of a leopard tortoise hatchling a great experience. You can really tell that they care a great deal about their tortoises and other reptiles and parrots. They kept me excited about getting my hatchling with many pictures and e-mail updates. They made sure that the hatchling was healthy and safe to ship. They gave me some great advice on additional foods to feed them and keeping hatchlings in general. This was great because they also wanted to help me raise a healthy tortoise with the best enclosure set up. I will definitely order from them again in the not so distant future. 

Andrew B. - Corunna, ON

Mike and Jenn were absolutely amazing to deal with in the purchase of our baby leopard tort! Their leopard tortoises are incredibly beautiful and Mike welcomed me to pick his brain on all aspects of their husbandry.  If (when) I add another tort to our family, It will most definitely be from them.

Katie Sheppard - Winnipeg, MB

I reserved a hatchling leopard tortoise from Jenn and Mike, and two months later I received a bold and healthy animal that I’m confident will become a cherished member of our household. What was most impressive however, was the care they took to keep me updated. Over the course of those two months, I received over thirty photographs and two videos of my hatchling and its siblings, allowing me to watch it grow and develop before I ever laid eyes on it in person. Mike and Jenn care deeply about the animals they provide, and you can be sure that any animal purchased from them will have been given the best start possible.

Tyrel - Nanaimo, BC

Thanks C and C Tortoises! Mike and Jenn, thank you so much for the beautiful leopard tortoise! She arrived safe and is perfect! I’d like to acknowledge how amazing you two truly are, you both spent lots and lots of time making sure I was up to date with all the information I need. Whether its’ the middle of day or late at night, C and C Tortoises were there to answer my questions and make sure I understand throughly. Thanks a bunch.

Corey - Toronto, ON

Anything worth having, is worth waiting for! This statement certainly holds true for our newest addition to our family, “Dorothy” (better known as “Dot”) a baby leopard tortoise. Mike C has been absolutely amazing; his wealth of knowledge, willingness to help, always being there to answer one million questions to ensure we had everything “just so” and most importantly his care and diligence to produce healthy babies is untouchable (and being a veterinarian, healthy animals is of utmost importance to me). The relationship we have developed over the past several years in preparation of her arrival is one that has laid the foundation for many more years to come. We would like to thank you ever so much for your hard work and dedication with this species, and allowing us to have such a beautiful, healthy baby!!! Whom I might add was flown across the country!!


Dr. Michael Tipple, Newfoundland 

Man, this little leopard tortoise is eating so good it's growing pretty quick. Can't wait to see her when she gets big! Thanks a lot for her. I do like her a lot and I gave her a name. I named her Summer.

Kaine Walters - Victoria, BC

I would like to thank Mike and Jenn for making my dream come true of owning a leopard tortoise! After waiting six years, I was finally at a point in life to have one. They made the process fun, enjoyable and exciting! Mike’s level of expertise is second to none. With knowledge and patience, he’s the best to work with. I would highly recommend getting a tortoise from the C and C Tortoises crew. My two leopard tortoise babies are healthy and gorgeous. I can’t thank you enough, Mike and Jenn. You two are the best!

Heather Pack - Nanaimo, BC

Screen Shot 2019-01-18 at 8.22.18 PM.png

I just purchased my third tortoise from C and C Tortoises and I honestly couldn’t be happier. I live in Ontario and contacted Mike C and Jenn about a leopard tortoise baby. They are located in BC so we would need shipping and that part made me a bit nervous. They were both so helpful from my inquiry to my actual purchase, to showing me pictures and explaining set up again as my boy is 10 years old. Even when it came time for shipping and it had to be delayed because of weather as it was way too cold, they were always in contact and letting me know how she was doing! I am the happiest person in the world right now as I have three extremely healthy and beautiful tortoises. I recommend anyone looking to purchase a tortoise please contact C and C Tortoises as they have the highest quality and amazing customer service! I bought my first boy 10 years ago and they still will answer any questions I have!!

Meagan C - Toronto, ON

I’ve always wanted leopard tortoises so when I saw that C and C Tortoises sell them, I was ecstatic.  I recently purchased two leopard tortoises from Mike Chan.  He and his wife, Jenn were very patient and wonderful in answering all my questions.  They were very knowledgeable and you can just tell that they care a great deal about their animals.  I would definitely purchase from them again and I would highly recommend anyone looking to purchase tortoises to purchase from them.  Thank you Mike and Jenn for all your help!

Phoenix B – Calgary, AB

C and C and have been informative and provided complete answers for all things tortoise related. They were prompt with responses and sent pictures of their tortoises very often. The tortoise we got was obviously well taken care of. Friendly right out the box! C and C took the initiative to ask us how everything was going after and I imagine they would continie to provide lifetime support. With C and C Tortoises help, we hope our tortoise will outlive us!

Kevin - Regina, SK

I had the pleasure of dealing with Jeremy throughout the process of getting my Russian tortoise. He(and the rest of the team) answered all of my questions and concerns even if I messaged them multiple times a day. They were and are extremely professional, kind, patient, and willing to work with you to ensure the little ones are healthy. I am a brand new tortoise owner and am so glad I chose C and C Tortoises. My little one came in a very well packaged container. When I opened it up, the little one was very active. I recommend C and C Tortoises as they make sure that the little tortoises are perfectly healthy before shipping them. Having dealt with them made the exhausting 4 months of anticipation process worth it! I am beyond happy and excited about what the future has in store for the little one. I cannot thank C and C Tortoises enough for all their hard work!! Job well done guys.

Kind regards,

Ryan Wise - Surrey, BC