C and C Tortoises

Most of us at C and C Tortoises have a diverse collection of reptiles but it was the love of tortoises that brought us together. Jeremy Cole and I (Mike Chan) met 10 years ago when I posted some star tortoises for sale. Initially, Jeremy thought the ad was a scam because star tortoises were very rare in Canada! We immediately hit it off and became good friends, sharing our knowledge and passion for reptiles. A year later, we combined our tortoise collections to diversify bloodlines and C and C Tortoises was hatched! Next to join the clan was Dave Deane, Yang Yang, Mike Perdue and Louise Bonser. Everyone brought decades of herp experience and expertise in producing certain species with a focus on tortoises, of course! My wife Jenn designed our website and included hundreds of photographs taken over the years. 

In addition to being hobbyists, everyone at C and C has a family and full-time career; our team is made up of two police officers, a Canada Customs specialist, a hydro excavator, a veterinarian technician, a real estate broker and a pharmaceutical sales rep. So please be patient with email and Facebook messages if we don’t get back to you right away! Located in Ottawa, Toronto, Niagara, Winnipeg and on Vancouver Island, we keep our collections in our private homes and don’t have a facility for public viewing. We’re committed to providing the best care possible for our animals and ensuring our babies go to excellent homes.

Collectively, C and C has hundreds of tortoises including twelve species: radiated, spider, Burmese star, Burmese mountain, Indian/Sri Lankan star, Egyptian, pancake, red foot/cherry head, leopard, Hermann’s, Russian and Bell’s hinge-back. We produce all our own babies and ship Canada-wide with Air Canada Cargo, WestJet, Harbour Air and Reptile Express. Most of our breeding stock was raised from babies with many years of dedicated care and pampering and many of our breeders were legally imported in the 1970s prior to the CFIA ban on importing chelonians. 

C and C Tortoises are supporters of The Turtle Survival Alliance, The Turtle Conservancy and The British Chelonia group. We believe in assurance colonies and conservation through captive breeding and are in regular contact with Environment Canada. 

One thing we didn’t expect but are very grateful for are the great friendships made through the hobby. Our love of tortoises brought us together but now everyone in the group are close friends. Our families often visit and stay with each other in different provinces and our bond has extended well beyond reptiles. 

Please visit our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/C-and-C-Tortoises-301989669948605/

Jeremy, Mike, Dave, Yang, Mike, Louise and Jenn