Bell's Hinge-back tortoises (Kinixys belliana nogueyi) belong to a group of tortoises (Kinixys) native to Africa. One identifying feature of this species is their unique ability by way of a flexible hinge on their carapace, to close the rear portion of their shell, thus protecting their tail and legs from attack by predators. 

Kinixys tortoises tend to be more shy than other, well known species. However, they're very interesting and amusing to watch when in pursuit of a worm or bug. Most active at dawn and dusk, they enjoy higher humidity (70%) and a consistently warm environment (80F) with lower light conditions.

Hinge-backs enjoy dark, leafy greens as well as fruit and some protein such as worms and the occasional pinkie mouse. Their diet is similar to box turtles and red foot tortoises. 

This unique and fascinating, small-sized tortoise ranges in length from 8-12 inches as adults.